Plan An Event for Bernie

How to Create an Event for Bernie Sanders

Bernie needs your help to create fun and effective events!  Event creation through the National Campaign site is easy.  Here are the quick steps:

Go to for Step 1.

Enter the Event Venue Zip Code.

Enter the Event Type (Select 1 of the following):

                        i.      Debate Watch Party (Nov 14)

                        ii.      Registering Voters

                        iii.      Volunteer Activity (Flying, Calling, Walking, etc.)

                        iv.      Volunteer meeting to get organized or learn more

                        v.      Volunteer to gather ballot access signatures

Click “Continue to Step 2,” and . . .

  1. Enter the Event Title.
  2. Enter the Event Description.
  3. Check the Box so your receive emails when users sign up.
  4. Check the Box if you want attendees to volunteer
  5. Select use default RSVP Message.
  6. Type in the text you want to see in the RSVP message.
  7. You may also create an HTML RSVP message, but it is optional.
  8.  Select “Yes” for Send an Email Reminder to Attendees.
  9. Enter number of hours before event to send reminder (default is 24).
  10. WHEN:  Enter the information about when your event will occur and how long it will last.
  11. WHERE: Enter the information about where your event will occur, including name, capacity limit, addresss, directions and phone.  Check the box to allow or hide the phone number.
  12. Click “Create Event.”

An email will be sent to you informing you of the event creation.

Once the Event is approved, share it on Facebook, Post it on and invite attendees through the Event Management tools at and Nationbuilder.

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