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After Bernie's nationwide call to action on July 29th, it became clear that not only was there a great enthusiasm for Bernie here in Tennessee, but also that it was time to get organized at the grassroots to help push the campaign forward.

Scattered, disorganized, and suddenly overwhelmed, we needed a structure, a broad way to organize and mobilize all the Tennesseans who wanted to help Bernie's campaign - this is the volunteer state, after all. We wanted to get to work.

Corbin Trent of Morristown was the one to take the initiative of bringing together various Tennessee groups to work together and pool our resources. The National Bernie campaign connected other volunteers and have provided infrastructure support, including ensuring that events planned through the national campaign are visible on TN4Bernie. 

Now, we congregate online and in person to organize, brainstorm, plan, and work together - and our momentum is growing!  This site is designed to be complementary with www.BernieSanders.com so that, by using both, organizers can plan events and volunteers can connect.

We are a group of individuals & teams scattered across the great state of Tennessee, working together to achieve one goal: to unite progressive Tennesseans to take action and help Tennessee to become a leading voice of this movement in our country.

We are growing quickly and with your support we can get Bernie Sanders elected president!

We are witnessing the birth of a political revolution in this country, a cooperative effort that starts with people like you and me planting the seeds of democracy.

Bernie's campaign is making history, and you have the opportunity to be a part of it. 

Join us: we're happy to have you, and we believe everybody has something to contribute.  Connect with others, reach out to voters and potential voters, and together we can elect Bernie in 2016!

Get organizing here!

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